Our Lady and St. Hubert's
Catholic Primary School
Anthony Brown - Interim Head of School

Our Team

Senior Leadership Team

Olga O'Beirne - Interim Executive Principal

Anthony Brown - Interim Head of School / Year 5 and 6 Phase Leader

Sian Cook - Interim Vice Principal / Year 3 and 4 Phase Leader

Megan Hancox - Assistant Head and EYFS  Phase Leader

Chloe Gibbs - Year 1 and 2 Phase Leader

Claire Channa - Safeguarding and Inclusion Lead

Teaching Staff

David Clements - Pre-School Lead

Megan Hancox - Reception Teacher

Naela Mahboob - Reception Teacher

Ellie Johnston - Year 1 Teacher

Jessica Towers - Year 1 Teacher

Chloe Gibbs - Year 2 Teacher

Sarah McGuinness - Year 2 Teacher

Claire Slater- Year 3 Teacher

Lucy Nightingale - Year 3 Teacher

Naomi Handy - Year 3 and 4 Teacher

Colin Spencer - Year 4 Teacher

Sian Cook - Year 4 Teacher

Kate Rowes - Year 5 Teacher

Joseph Jay - Year 5 Teacher

Aran Kaur - Year 6 Teacher

Anthony Brown - Year 6 Teacher

Support Staff

Liliana Redford 

Milena Mele

Kelly Farrington 

Alison Russell

Kayleigh O'Carroll

Laura Kelly

Julie Goodway

Lizzie Cole

Lisa Reeves

Natalie Foster

Susan Mills 

Tracey Clarke 

Lauren Hill 

Jeanette Gilbert

Barbara Whitty

Jane Hughes 

Heidi Pearce

Joann Downing

Lisa Ellsmore 

Jennie Arch

Siobhan Brandon


Sarah Gough - Finance Assistant

Damian Hunter - Office Assistant

Barry Cox - Site Manager

Stuart Green - ICT Network Manager

Caroline Caddick - MAC Operations Manager

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